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Nami Lanka Tours is your Sri Lanka holiday tour operator!


Nami Lanka Tours is a Sri Lanka holiday tour operator who is specialized in arranging holiday tour packages within this beautiful island of Sri Lanka.We do tailor made Sri Lanka holiday tours to match your requirements at affordable prices.


We assure you that your holiday in Sri Lanka would be happy, safe, convenient, exciting and educational with many enjoyable and unforgettable experiences to carry home, the memory of which would remain with you for a lifetime. 


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean. The Island bestowed with natural beauty in the form of tropical forests, beaches and landscape, as well as a rich cultural heritage has gained fame as a tourist destination. Many rivers originate from the wet central hilly regions. The natural forest-cover found in the low and mid country wet zone is all tropical rain-forest. Sri Lanka is famous for its Coral Reefs that have developed in its shallow, clear warm waters. A variety of gem stones found in Sri Lanka have been world renowned for their quality, beauty & clarity. The most famous are the royal blue & cornflower blue sapphires. The rare stone Alexandrite appearing green or red under different light conditions is found only in Sri Lanka and the Ural mountains of Central Asia.

Sri Lanka Fauna


Sri Lanka Flora



The ecology of Sri Lanka caused by its geographical position and by its geological & climatic conditions has made the island one of the most bio-diverse spots in the world.


Gems are woven into the history of Sri Lanka and even King Solomon procured a great ruby, from this island known as Ratna Dweepa, to make a wonderful gift to queen Sheba.  Ratnapura is the City of Gems & Gemming and it is also famous for its Gemmological Museum and Gem Workshops where a variety of precious stones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Cat’s Eyes, Alexandrite, Tourmaline, etc. are processed.


Bird watching at Kumana 

Kumana bird sanctuary is the habitat of many species of birds both local and migrant such as pelicans, painted storks, cormorants, herons, egrets, spoonbills, white ibis, the rare black-necked stork and many mammals.

Yala national park an unforgettable experience

Yala National Park which is the oldest national park in the island is situated in the south east region of the country 309 km from Colombo. The sanctuary is the habitat for a wide variety of animals and birds and it has an area of 1,259 sq km with waterholes, streams, lakes and lagoons and terrain that ranges from flat plains to rocky regions and open parklands to dense jungle.

 Bundala national park and watch the water birds

Bundala national park is a wetland sanctuary with thorny scrub jungle, brackish lagoons, salt pans and inter-tidal mudflats famous for diverse aquatic bird life and a small population of elephants, leopards, deer, and sambur.

Pinnawala on an elephant wild life tour

Pinnawala elephant orphanage, covering an extent of 24 acres, is also a breeding place for elephants and it has the greatest herd of elephants in captivity in the world. An attempt has been made here to simulate conditions prevailing in the wild and elephants are allowed to roam freely during the day which allows them to form into herds.

Gal Oya national park with wild boat rides

Gal Oya national park, 25,900 hectares in extent, is rich in flora and fauna and has many tourism attractions such as safari boat rides. The park is the habitat of  many endemic species including birds and mammals such as wild boar, water buffalo, languor, leopard, deer, sloth bear and elephant.

Udawalawe National Park

It is a National park, next in popularity to Yala, where elephants could be seen even during mid day. Several species of mammals and many species of birds are found here.


Singharaja Forest

Sri Lanka’s most beautiful rain forest, which is a world heritage, situated close to Ratnapura with a variety of indigenous plants and animals. It has rivers and streams flowing with many water holes where animals could be seen with several bird species.



Wilpattu reserve is situated 50 km west of Anuradhapura and it is the habitat of elephants, leopards, sloth bear, deer and sambur. It has several lakes that attract thousands of water birds.



In Dambulla several ancient monuments are located such as an Ancient rock temple with five caves and more than a hundred statues including the famous reclining Buddha and frescoes depicting various events in the life of Buddha.


Kataragama (283 km from Colombo )

One of the most important sites for pilgrims and it is an exciting event to visit this place during the festive season of July & August to watch pilgrims perform acts in fulfilling vows, fasting, meditation, prayers and bathing in the river for purification before their final act of worship at the Maha Dewale.